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South African Hunting Safaris - Wingshooting

Wingshooting in South Africa
South Africa boasts some of the best wing-shooting in the world. You'll find a great variety of species, and you can enjoy several different wing shoots in one safari. Choices include high volume dove and pigeon shooting, waterfowl, hunting over decoys and on flight lines, or upland bird hunting over pointer dogs.

South Africa sports a great variety of game birds including 3 species of francolin, helmeted guinea-fowl, rock pigeon, a number of dove species, common quail, as well as 2 species of geese and 1 each of duck and teal.

Francolin (Orange River and Swainson's), and common quail are hunted with pointer dogs. They hold well to the point, allowing the guns to get up in time for the flush. When flushed they offer challenging passing and overhead shots.

Francolin coveys consists of between 2 to 6 birds while guinea-fowl are found in flocks sometimes more than a 100 birds strong. Guinea-fowl offer good driven shoots or are walked-up in dense cover where the dogs normally flush them singly or in pairs. Shoots take place in open grassveld, thornveld, along riverbanks and corn or maize fields. Shoots continue until late morning and resume in the late afternoon.

The bag limit is 10 birds of a species per hunter per day.

Pigeon (Rock) and dove (Laughing, Cape Turtle and Redeye) hunting is mainly restricted to sunflower fields where they congregate in huge numbers, thereby allowing hunters some volume shooting the whole day. There is no bag limit when hunting pigeon and doves. One can expect to shoot 250 shots and more per client per day.

Waterfowl, mainly Egyptian and Spurwing geese are hunted using decoys and blinds, on their flight lines to corn and maize fields and while flying in and out of nearby lakes. Red-billed teal, and yellow-billed duck hunting is mainly restricted to lakes and small pans where they are hunted over spinner ducks from blinds. These waterfowl shoots are restricted to early morning and late afternoon.

The bag limit is 10 birds of a species per hunter per day.

Hunting Season
The wingshooting season starts on 1 June and continues through to 30 September for most game birds and waterfowl. Dove and pigeons can be hunted year-round, although the best time is from the end of February to the end of September.

Daily Rates:

  • 1 - 2 Client(s) : US$400 per day/client
  • 3 - 6 Clients : US$380 per day/client
  • Observer : $150 per day/night per person.

Client(s) can hunt on the day of arrival or departure at a percentage of the daily rate.
Non-hunting days are charged at observer rate.
Hunts vary in duration from 6 to 21 days and a maximum of 8 guns can be accommodated. A wing shooting trip can also be combined with a trophy and/or tailor-made safari.