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Piet Otto Safari References
Below are listed hunting client references with contact information. Please contact us for additional references.
Ignacio Lasa
Spain: 0034-609264614
I wanted to go hunting in Africa last summer but first had to choose who to organize my safari. I have been hunting since I was very young and for me this sport isnít just seeing an animal and pulling the trigger. I want enjoy visiting a new country, meeting people in villages and learning about the local wild life. A friend introduced me to Piet Otto and I immediately felt him as a close friend. His experience as a professional hunter was way above my expectations but I must say, he impressed me especially as a great person helping me enjoy every moment of my safari. What I do find important is that as an independent hunting company, Piet Otto isnít tied up to specific hunting grounds and can offer you a safari customized to your preferences and in most of the African countries. I am really looking forward to my next safari with Piet!
Jake Borah
USA 970-471-2102
I always dreamed of taking a Giant Kudu and in 2007 it came true... I researched lots of PH in South Africa and decided to hunt with PIET OTTO SAFARIS. PIET OTTO made my dream of taking a giant Kudu come true!!! We had a fantastic hunt and the accommodation was fantastic. Piet Otto is a First class Hunter and I consider him a very good friend. I recommend hunting with Piet Otto Safaris.
Robert Stephenson
USA 970-376-2472
In 2001 my wife and I went on my once in a life time hunt to Africa and fell in love with the people and the country . But I knew something was still missing . I did not know what it was until I met Piet Otto on my second trip . It was the feelings of being part of a family . Piet and his family has provided not only great trophy animals and a true African experience but the feeling of being part of his family . My wife and I have returned almost every year since, and are looking forward to future safaris. I highly recommend Piet Otto Safaris, not only for your Hunting Safaris but all your African Safari Adventures. Happy Hunting!