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Hunting in South Africa

Hunt South Africa and experience the thrill of a true ethical hunt. In South Africa we hunt 4 provinces that each hosts its own unique species. The hunt is done on a fair chase basis which makes South Africa one of the most exciting places to hunt in. South Africa allows the hunter to hunt with rifle, black powder, handgun and bow, making it one of the most hunting friendly countries in Africa.

Piet Otto Safaris specializes in all the forms of hunting that is offered in South Africa and has designated hunting concessions for each hunt. Hunting with Piet Otto Safaris in South Africa will guarantee your satisfaction in all aspects of your hunting safari, from taking care of your travel arrangements to proper field preparations of your trophies. Good food and accommodations are of great value to us and can range from traditional South African lodges, to the colonial styled farm houses of the old English with top quality South African cuisine. Make sure your hunt in South Africa is true and fair, and nothing will beat the thrill of the hunt when itís done the right way.

Visit beautiful South Africa to experience the safari hunt of your dreams. Each of these areas offers its own topographical features and associated species. Please click on the links below for more information about these exciting South African hunts!